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  • A person is transformed into an icon by a kind of violent, flattening rupture. Emma Goldman has been made into such an icon many times over. During her lifetime, it was as “the most dangerous woman in America,” posthumously as perhaps the most famous anarchist in Anglophone history — for most, however, as the name attached to a likely apocryphal quotation. Onscreen, she has been the subject of stodgy PBS documentary, and a bit player in a handful of others She was portrayed most famously in Warren Beatty’s Reds, as a kind of earthy (and fully Americanized) matron.

  • Il mito come grande contenitore narrativo-espositivo, il divino neoplatonico e l’anima mundi, identità e sessualità, natura e città, la ricerca e la definizione di una propria voce, dell’articolazione del proprio linguaggio: sul piano tematico la continuità tra Dei, suo primo film di finzione, e Dentro di te c’è la terra, ultima opera audiovisiva non fiction del poliedrico artista pugliese Cosimo Terlizzi, presentata nella sezione Onde del 37esimo TFF, appare evidente.

  • In Abigail Child’s diverse and prodigious artistic career, Mayhem (1987) represents one, very specific type of exploration. Coming at the spectator like a violent cut-up, it mixes her filmed images from New York’s Lower Eastside in 1985 and 1986 with various old movie samples, plus a soundtrack comprised of audio fragments (also sampled) alternated with improvisations from a gang including Christian Marclay and Shelley Hirsch. It has the rawness and insider-vibe of an “art school confidential” exercise in mimickry and playful subversion – but taken all the way, an over-fifteen minute montage sequence that rarely eases off in its blistering intensity.


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